Big Dinner Out

12 Simple Steps To Surviving A Big Meal Out


2 weeks ago my beautiful partner in life proposed to me! It was truly an amazing time for me. He absolutely spoiled me rotten with my gorgeous engagement, which he designed himself!
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Fast-forward to today, I’m about to leave and drive to Stanthorpe to see my beautiful Nunna (grandmother), Uncle and cousins. I’m totally excited because I love them so much and I can’t wait to spend time with them.


Now the only bad thing about staying with my Nunna is her cooking. To put nicely, her cooking is really really oily and heavy. There’s always heaps of meet, very little veggies and heaps of rice, pasta and bread. Most dished are either deep-fried or oven roasted with too much oil.


Because my preference is a plant-based diet, no meat, dairy or sugar…eating meals like this always makes me feel sick and upsets my stomach. However I prefer this, to upsetting my Nunna. She spends so much love and time preparing amazing meals, there’s not better way she feels appreciated than seeing Joel and I indulge ourselves.


(insert picture of plant-based diet)

So of course I’m getting a little worried. I will be eating why more food than I usually do and it will be food that I don’t like to eat. So how do I deal with these situations?


He’s my “12 Simple Steps To Surviving A Big Meal Out” and it’s what I suggest you do as well, if you’re ever in this situation too…

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  1. Budget your calories for the day- eat low calorie, filling healthy and super nutritious meals before dinner…that way you can balance dinner out as much as possible.
  2. Show appreciation to the cook by thanking them for preparing an amazing dinner. Additionally, sincerely complement them on the dishes you enjoy the most.
  3. Keep conversation going over dinner-time, focus on the people you’re with more than eating. This process not only slows your eating down, which means you’ll feel full sooner, but you’ll also distract the cooks from seeing how much food you’re eating.
  4. Analyse everything that’s on the table and put everything on your plate. Don’t go for seconds, just fill your plate with what you feel is enough to make you feel comfortably full and then enjoy it slowly. This method is specifically helpful to see how much you’re eating…it removes any questioning about how much you really ate, later.
  5. Have a piece of gum in your pocket read to chew as soon as you feel satisfied and comfortable. This will change the taste in your mouth and it will keep you chewing, which tricks your mind thinking you’re still eating. This process I feel gives you that extra time you need to feel full.
  6. I also like to play mind games…and (each to their own, I know some may judge), but this method works for me. I look at the food on my plate and I think about all the grease and oil that is about to go into my blood, I think how bad it will make me feel… I also think about my arties clogging from it. This turns all my desire for food right down! This is also good for when you’re really hungry and you need to slow yourself down. Simply picture how unhealthy and painful it is too eat fast or how annoying it will be if the food goes before you know it!
  7. Always give thanks and gratitude to god (or whoever you believe in) for the food that’s on your plate. This helps you feel really grateful and fortunate, which instantly makes you feel special and happy…when you’re feeling happy your appetite for food goes way down.
  8. Make sure you don’t arrive at the dinner table staving! Worse thing ever, this is from my experience/opinion…however everyone is different J I suggest this because it means you don’t overeat on high calorie, unhealthy foods which leave you sick and feeling like rubbish. Always have a light snack like a protein shake, handful of almonds, wholemeal rice crackers with sliced cucumber, green juice (if possible) or even a piece of fruit (I don’t because I avoid fructose, however this is an easy and popular option for others who don’t).
  9.  Consume a “green shot” and take “Slippery Elm Bark” before and after the meal. This helps me add some alkalinity to all the acid in my body from the food I’m eating and it helps me sleep and digest my food better, most importantly it helps my bowels move, because usually eating high protein, carby, oily food makes me constipated and bloat…yuk!
  10. When choosing what to eat, opt for protein on the table (helps tell your brain your full sooner), avoid starchy white carbs if possible (this will cause you a sugar high, making you crave more food fast!), avoid dairy (really high in fat and calories and down right unhealthy to eat) and if possible avoid salads that look like they are drenched with more oil than the meat! I often ask Nunna for some steamed veggies or a side of the salad without dressing…if you’re in a situation to request these things definitely do!

11.Avoid soft drink, desserts, biscuits or anything sugar related after. This is the easiest way to stack on unnecessary calories and to make you feel sick. I enjoy in a peppermint tea or green tea afterwards to settle my stomach and to finish the meal.

  1. The next morning, go for a walk before breakfast, help regulate your bowels and bring some oxygen and energy through your blood so you feel better and healthier. Make it easy for your body to process last nights food by going low-carb or carb-free for the day and eat as much veggies and drink as much green juice as possible, what’s also good to have are clear veggie soups and green smoothies…by consuming liquid for most of day your body needs to work less and thus can concentrate on digesting food from the previous meal. It also helps flush the toxins out of your system too.
  2. Lastly, the next few days after the heavy meal, I make sure I eat clean and healthy to clean toxins out of my system and to get my energy back again. Sometimes when I really over indulge I’ll even work out a little hard for the next few days, instead of just walking, I’ll incorporate a bit of running too, to burn that extra energy I stored from the night before.
  3. But most importantly, never “beat” yourself up about what you shouldn’t have ate. Food guilt is not only unhealthy but it’s worse for your health and your body. You don’t need the unnecessary toxins that stress causes. Simple leave the past in the past and look ahead to the future, to the solution. I recommend enjoying the food experience you just had and be grateful for it. Because what often happens after this “bad” food nights, is you come back stronger. You tend to eat healthier and exercise harder after it. Trust me I know this, I’ve came back many times from overeating dinners out or my late night binges where I’ve felt depressed about something. Heck it was just a month ago I was overeating for 4 days straight, true story! It was insane and kind of scary; I just didn’t have control over my emotions and actions. But shit happens! (Excuse my language). Move one and don’t look back, pick yourself up and keep moving forward. It’s the only way…but the biggest thing to take home from this step is, love yourself. Be happy and appreciate your gorgeous body. There’s no better weight loss tip than this…remember it, self-love.


(insert picture of self- love)

I hope these tips help you survive your next night out or “binge” episode.

Please feel free to contact me and share you story or even if there’s something you want to get off your chest or talk to me about, I love listening.

I know support when you’re hating yourself, is the best medicine and I would be honoured to be that support for you.

Till next time,

live healthy!




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