Living a Sugar Free Lifestyle gives you many benefits and You can read them all 7 of them here.
But today I’m going to share with you (based on my personal experience) The 5 reasons why you’ll lose weight on a sugar free diet:

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The 5 Reasons Why You Will Lose Weight On a Sugar Free Diet:

  1. When you eat heaps of sugar filled products or high sugar content foods you tend to eat more and crave more food after your meal. As a result you’ll eat more than you need because your blood sugar levels have spiked, it causes you to eat more and more…and more.
  2. You’ll be replacing your sugars with more healthy fats. Fats make you fat right? Wrong! Healthy Fats help you maintain weight and even help you lose weight. Too much saturated fat found it animal flesh and dairy makes you fat, especially when consumed with added fats. When consuming healthy fats in every meal you’ll tend to eat less, feel fuller for longer and feel the need to eat less frequently. It also helps keep your belly super flat!
  3. Eating Sugar can bring you up and then straight down again, way down. Usual at this point you get so down, you look for more food or more sugar to bring you back up. This cycle goes on and on until you eat so much, you regret it.
  4. Eating Sugar is incredible acidic for your body. And when your body gets too acidic, it strips your body from all it’s natural minerals to survive and so it stores into fat cells, which causes you to carry heaps of abdominal fat and face fat.
  5. Sugar makes you eat more! Most of the time sugar doesn’t come alone, it typically comes with heaps of saturated fat and high carbs. This means that you consume why more calories. When you quit sugar, you’re likely to swap from processed food to whole foods. This means you’ll eat more nutrient dense meals and consume way less calories because you’re omitting all the “fillers” in processed food that make you fat and give you extra unwanted calories.If you’re interested in swapping to a sugar Free lifestyle simple send me a message and I will help you, every step of the way transition into a new healthier lifestyle easier.

Take care and Talk soon!

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