The last week has been really interesting for me; I’ve been overeating so much! I’m very familiar with the reasons for why one overeats so I was wondering if there was problem or issue that was eating me up. But there wasn’t.


I wish I was this gorgeous when I overeat 😉

Typically I was overeating in the afternoons roughly around 4-5pm after I come home from the office.

Have you been there?

When you just can’t stop eating. It was almost animalist, I could not stop eating! I was inhaling things like pancakes, cakes, toast, rice, oats and green split peas, all sugar, dairy and gluten free of course J. But nevertheless I was eating large, enormous consumptions of these high carbohydrate foods.

I was having these episodes like 4x times a week. And before I knew it, I literally gained over a kilo! As you can imagine, I was shocked, mortified and ready to change and stop this pattern.

I was researching, and I came across this article and if you click here you can see it. Long story short, it proved that people who ate a 600-calorie breakfast which included protein and chocolate cake (or other desserts), lost 40 pounds (18 kilos) more than people who ate 300 calorie breakfast with low carbs. Additional they note, that for people who are diabetic/ live a sugar free diet, replaced the cake with grains.

So what you can take from this?

If you enjoy your treats earlier as opposed to later in the evening, when you’re tired and lack the mental energy needed to stop yourself from overeating. You will lose more weight while still enjoying the things you love! So next time you enjoy your sugar free desserts, have it at breakfast with protein or at least enjoy it straight after breakfast!

If you suffer from overeating and you want to stop it, I found this source so helpful

2 thoughts on “How To Eat Desserts and Lose Weight

  1. Emily

    Hya!i recently bumped into ur site and hav been trying to cut out sugar not for health reasons but because i felt its healthier for my it is . Is alternative sugar good for your health?coz. I really want to make bakes that use alternative suagr but not sure if theyr good enough!

    • jhouse

      Hi Emily! Sugar alternatives that are made from natural sweeteners such as Erythritol and Stevia are good for health. Any other sweetener substitute is not! Let me know if you need any more help!

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