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welcome to my sugar free diet blog! If you’re anything like me then i know you love your sweets! you know those sweet, gooey, smooth, creamy, chocolatey ones. Well I have some great news. I”m going to show you a recipe that will give you the same chocolately deliciousness but without the lows of sugar and without worrying about the carb content.

Ok so these epic muffins, didn’t exactly turn out to be the most prettiest looking ones of them all. But hey, it’s all about how they taste right?

Sugar Free Chocolate Muffin

Sugar Free Chocolate Muffin Straight From the Oven.

So here is the recipe:

Muffin Mix Included
Makes 12
500g Steamed Jap pumpkin (blended into puree)

Ugle Sugar Free Chocolate Muffin with Home made Sugar free chocolate sauce

Ugly Sugar Free Chocolate Muffin with Home made Sugar free chocolate sauce

250g Soy Flour
250g Coconut Flour
4 egg whites
20g Cocoa Powder
1/2 tsp Stevia

Chocolate Icing Included
30g Vanilla Whey protein Powder
5g Cocoa Powder

1. Steam Pumpkin and then Blend till smooth (oil replacement)
2. Mix the remaining dry ingredients together
3. Add the Pumpkin puree
4. Add water till you get the right “muffin mixture” consistency
5: bake for 15mins
6. While Muffins are in the oven I made the icing
7. Beat together the vanilla protein and cocoa powder  (The longer you beat it for the fluffier your icing will be!)

One thought on “Sugar Free Chocolate Muffins With Sugar Free Chocolate Sauce

  1. JH

    They TASTE FANTASTIC! I just tried this recipe and they are sensational! I hope there are more recipes as good as this coming soon 🙂

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